The new Red Line Underground aims to connect the northern part of Doha to the new and existing metropolitan network. The project was handled via a Design & Build Contractor, result of a Joint Venture led by Italian Salini Impregilo, South Korea’s SK Engineering and Construction and Qatar Galfar Al Misnad.

Seven new stations have been designed and are going to be delivered to the client (Qatar Rail) by the end of 2017 for this purpose, representing one of the largest infrastructure projects the city of Doha has seen for a while. The Red Line North Underground connects Msheireb Station, located in the center of Doha, to Al Khor in the northern area of the city, through two 13 kilometers long parallel tunnels.

ARIATTA is recognized as leading actor in the Italian market for its Building Information Modeling (BIM) know-how, thanks to being one of the first Italian engineering firms to develop full BIM Design jobs. For this reason, ARIATTA was appointed by Termigas S.p.a. (MEP Subcontractor) in Doha to develop the MEP strategy via Construction Engineering on BIM bases for three of the seven Red Line stations: Al Bidda, Al Qassar and Corniche.

Besides the development of high Level of Detail MEP models (general plants LOD 350, details LOD 400/450 ), ARIATTA together with the external parties of the design team was also commissioned to deliver “clash free” packages at regular intervals and to incorporate, implement and coordinate information coming from other sub- contractors (Fire  and Clean Agent sub contractors).

The complexity of the job, on technical M&E Services matters as well as on BIM automation and implementation issues, brought ARIATTA to develop a new internal resources structure, in order to deliver a high level and consistent product throughout the long D&B process.
On the engineering side, a Project-engineers-team provided the overall design guidelines for the infrastructure job. This information was received by each of the three Station-engineers-team, which applied the general guidelines to the single station and gave feedback to the Project-engineers-team regarding potential issues and opportunities. This way, the information raised by each Station-engineers-team were constantly processed and coordinated by the Project-engineers-team, in order to deliver a consistent product to the client.

On the modeling side, the BIM Managers handled the development of the whole job, dictating the lines for the MEP models to the discipline BIM Specialist, who were managing the single station models and passing this information to the BIM Operators. Issues and opportunities on the modeling side were handled in the reverse flow of information, from BIM Operators to BIM Managers via BIM Specialists.

A local team in Doha was also managing the day-to-day operations on site, coordinating potential variations with the design and modeling teams in Milan; this information was received, verified and implemented on BIM models in order to give back to the on-site-team new “clash free” packages.

Performed Activities
MEP Construction Engineering on BIM bases
Doha, Qatar
Norma (Direct Client), Termigas spa (Final Client)
End user
Qatar Rail
Transit prediction of 67,000 units a day
Total tunnel length: 13km
2017 (Design)
Photo Credits
Rendering Images: ©Qatar Railways Company, designed by UNStudio. / BIM Images: © Ariatta Ingegneria dei Sistemi