In memory of a young friend born in the Alps, Bivacco is designed to bring technology and comfort into a first emergency shelter.

Following the untimely death of our friend Edo Camardella, the community of La Thuile in Valle D'Aosta launched a project to build a first emergency shelter in his name. Bivacco will be built at 3400 metres above sea level, on the Rutor glacier, facing on one side Vedette del Rutor and on the other side La Thuile, Edoardo's birthplace. Bivacco is designed to withstand winds of up to 290 km/h and temperatures of 40°C below zero.
Bivacco will be equipped with electric radiant panels to maintain minimum internal comfort temperatures, no.4 very low maintenance 12V/175Ah salt batteries connected in series (System voltage 48Vcc) capable of supporting the production cycles for no.20 ultra-resistant photovoltaic panels applied to the Bivacco South facade and roof. In addition, a series of USB sockets will allow charging of phones and emergency equipment for guests. Bivacco is obviously energy self-sufficient via PV power production that is stocked at 48Vcc before supplying lighting, USB charging points, radiant panels and automation devices. Not all devices can support 48Vcc therefore voltage convertors are implemented. Bivacco Earthing system consists of no.4 dispersion points connected via equipotential ring, Lightning system consists of no.1 pole. On all panels overvoltage arresters are installed, as well as monitoring systems to remotly monitor the correct functioning of all systems.

A state-of-the-art weather station will provide useful meteorological data for studying the glacier. This is supplied via no.6 dedicated PV panels installed on the Bivacco South facade to charge no.1 dedicated 12V/175 Ah salt battery. The weather station consists of no.1 360° webcam, anemometer for wind direction detection, thermo-hygrometer to measure temperature and humidity, solar radiation sensor and Router provided by Eolo to communicate to remote monitoring. Dedicated Earthing and Lightning systems for the weather station are also provided, consisting of no.1 dispersion point and no.1 pole.


Bivacco is being installed in La Thuile during 2021-2022 Winter season to allow people to easly visit the construction. In late spring 2022 Bivacco will be transported via helicopter on the Rutor Glacier for the final permanent installation.

Performed Activities
MEP Design
Rutor Glacier
Progetto CMR (Architecture Design), Faces Engineering (Structural Design), FIAMM (Batteries), Solbian (PV panels), Politecnico di Milano (Wind analysis), Siemens (Electrical panels), Socomec (Automation), Dehn (Earthing & Lightning), Eolo (Connectivity and Meteo Station), Santoni (Radiant panels), Gualini (Structures Facade and Civil), Bezenval (Foundations)
2020 - 2021 (Design) - 2022 (Helicopter installation)
Photo Credits
Progetto CMR, Andre Barallier